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Project Information

Client: Personal Project

About The Project: I witnessed that my niece had difficulty falling asleep. Her parents were finding white noise sounds and vacuum cleaner sounds on YouTube to solve this problem. After talking to them, I learned that babies are relieved by sounds similar to those in the womb during periods of stress or insecurity. After seeing that they were hurriedly trying to find various sounds from youtube and had difficulties, I wanted to find a better solution for all new parents and their newborn babies.

My Role: Research, Content Strategy, Prototype, Visual Design... Basically everything.

My Approach

1- Understanding the User and Pain Points

After watching how they dealt with the problem for a while, I discovered some pain points.
● The screen must be kept open to be able to listen to sounds on Youtube.*
● Media control on YouTube is difficult. When the track is finished, it can easily switch to an unrelated video.
● Users have to find what they are looking for. YouTube History helps but limited. The best thing they can do is building a playlist.
● Users have to download large videos when they only need audio. Again and again.
● Limitation of solutions in case of no internet connection or bad internet connection.
*Since June 2018 it is able with YouTube Premium.

2- Quick Solution Idea and Validation

How fast I can solve it? Would it be a real solution?

● I can download or create some music files and upload them to the phone or a music player.
● However, this solution may cause other problems. Such as:
· Finding files in the music player or phone can be a hassle.
· Most phone music player apps have light colored designs. Therefore, it may cause light to occur in dark environments.
● This solution works for only one mom and dad at a time. I am also a father and I empathize with other parents.
● I realized that I needed a better solution for such reasons.

3- Deeper Understanding of the User

Effective user experience starts with a good understanding of your users. Who they are, their motivations, mentalities and behaviors are all important. If it is possible, I try to put users in the center of the project.

3.1- Interviews

I interviewed five mothers and four fathers. I listened to their requests and thoughts.

3.2- Persona / Empathy Map

After completing the conversations, I did a persona exercise.

Little Sleeper Persona

4- Ideation

Ideation is the process of generating a lot of different ideas in a short amount of time. To quickly generate ideas I follow some methods.

4.1- Journey Maps / User Flow

User flow diagrams are displaying the complete path a user takes when using a product. A flow also shows the number of decision points.

Little Sleeper User Flow

4.2- Prototype / Wireframe

I created keyscreen wireframes. It was important to keep the features and movements as simple as possible to help the users complete their task as quickly as possible.

Little Sleeper App Icons

4.3- Sketches

I sketched out the key screens and features. I shared drafts with potential users and exchanged ideas. After understanding the strengths and weaknesses in draft drawings, I moved to the visual design stage.

Little Sleeper Sketches

5- Visual Design / Final Design Solution

After reviewing the data, I continued with the visual design, choosing the eighth alternative.

5.1- Application Icon

Clear, memorable, and understandable icons are convincing users to download or use applications. I used relevant colors and metaphors to make a good impression and explain what the app is about.

Little Sleeper App Icons

5.2- Logotype

The logotype, also known as a "word mark", is a brand name styled as a logo. Logotypes are more distinguishable and more comfortable to remember the name of the brand. Since it is a baby and child-themed work, I preferred round elements to build it.

Little Sleeper Logotype

5.3- System Icons

While I design icons, I do care symmetrical and consistent look, ensuring readability and clarity even at small sizes. Each icon is reduced to its minimal form, expressing essential characteristics.

Little Sleeper System Icons

5.4- Main Icons

Icons help us to support content. They can draw attention, improve readability and summarize what our options are. When I use icons, I make sure you base them on metaphors that people understand. When I place icons on a project, I keep the proximity principle in mind and group them with content they relate to.

Little Sleeper Main Icons

5.5- Typography

I choose a rounded font. Rounded letters convey comfort, softness and femininity. It works with our primary instincts as a round shape is the basis of baby shape. That's why bold and rounded fonts are more effective for sweets, baby food and diapers.

5.6- Colors

I choose a dark theme. They help improve visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain, adjusting brightness to current lighting conditions, and facilitating screen use in dark environments.

I also determined and used color scheme best matches this app brand.

Little Sleeper Color
Off White: Throughout history, white has been the color of purity. Off white is an umbrella term for a variety of shades that differ only slightly from pure white.
Lilac: It is a feminine color. It can conjure innocence and youth. It’s often associated with affection and romance.
Yellow Star / Amber: Yellow is associated with energy. It can promote vitality and happiness. Amber is thought to symbolize and encourage vitality, trust and security.
Baby Blue: Traditionally used as the color for newborn males. It is often used in nurseries and children’s rooms.It almost inevitable to think of anything else than baby when you see it. It is a refreshing and playful color.

5.7- Screens

Some finished screens and icons.

Little Sleeper Screens

6- Testing

I made usability testing with four volunteers to test our app and provide feedback. I asked each person to complete tasks such as playing a file, creating a profile, changing file while playing.

It was a entertaining experience to watch each tester with some of the tasks. The test provided me with some great feedback for the app’s next iteration. I made improvements on the visual design for clarity.

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